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Bruce Rock Corrigin Road
Ardath WA 6418

Ardath Acquisitions and Trading (AAT) understand the full range of new and second hand markets and the opportunities each offers to buyers and sellers. We provide an old fashioned honest and reliable broker service to you.

We are a Western Australian brokerage business located at Ardath, near Bruce Rock.


Have you reached a dead end when trying to find machinery or equipment at the right price?

AAT saves you money by finding you the best deal on machinery, equipment and vehicles you need to buy.


Do you feel stuck trying to find a market that will pay you the right price for an asset you are selling?

AAT makes you money by securing a fair price on machinery or vehicles you need to sell.

We can help you buy and sell new and used:

  • Commercial vehicles and trucks;
  • Light vehicles;
  • Farm machinery and equipment;
  • Transport equipment including trailers;
  • Construction machinery and equipment;
  • Mining machinery and equipment;
  • Landscaping machinery and equipment;
  • Portable accommodation units and site offices; and
  • A range of other plant and equipment – just call us.

Call us on 0427 949 355 or check out our Services page, we’d love to help you.


Paul Thompson of Ardath Acquisitions and Trading knows vehicle, equipment and machinery markets inside out. Paul began buying and selling commercial and light vehicles, transport equipment and farm machinery decades ago as part of running the family farming business.

Because of his dedication to researching markets and pricing trends within each market, he was able to secure good deals on machinery, vehicles and equipment.

This couldn’t stay a secret for long.

Paul quickly started getting calls from friends, neighbours and the wider community for help to buy or sell vehicles, machinery and other equipment at the right price.

Since then AAT has sourced a huge variety of vehicles, machinery, plant and equipment from across the state, across Australia and even across the globe.


In addition to our brokerage services, we also offer you catalogue stock both for direct purchase and for sale on behalf of clients.

We list a variety of machinery, vehicles and equipment on our catalogue page. We love providing an additional marketplace service, as well as being able to pass on value opportunities that we discover across new and second hand markets.

You can browse our Catalogue page anytime, or call us on 0427 949 355 to ask about what we have on hand.

How AAT has helped clients


"We simply didn’t understand the current marketplace. We gave Thommo an initial budget of $60K for a Prime Mover with a reasonable history record, rating of 90T and hydraulics. He very quickly showed us what we would get for that budget - an older truck (2004-2006) with high km’s. A friend purchased a Prime Mover through Thommo - after seeing what Thommo was able to find for him, we quickly reviewed our budget without compromising on our requirements. Our purchase resulted in a 2010 model in excellent condition and moderate km’s for $90K. If we had tried to search ourselves, we would have paid more like $120K for the truck we ultimately purchased. Thommo’s ability to research the market, present information and follow up saved us time, money and gave us a truck that exceeded our expectations well within budget."


Wheatbelt, Western Australia

“In early 2020 we engaged Paul Thompson on the recommendation of a mutual friend to source a quality tandem drive truck. The success of this led us to ask Paul to present options for a complete seeding rig. After discussing our brief he presented spreadsheets on gear suitable from within WA as well as the Eastern States with full delivered costings. His ability to negotiate and his insights on value realised us savings approaching $80,000. The AAT service is direct, prompt and appropriate.


Great Southern, Western Australia.


We have enjoyed selling the item quickly without the hassle, Paul kept us informed all the way.


Wheatbelt, Western Australia

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